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Where does one even begin? I’m sure there are millions of you out there who use Hemp products. And there are a large number of different hemp products out there. It’s difficult to know which product to use, because there are different types of products, and different aspects of different products, that make any given […]
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CBD Oil Concentrations

That’s the number you see when you buy cannabinoids, it’s called milligrams or MG. It’s really simple, divide the MG by the volume of liquid and you have the concentration. 1mg per ml is .1% concentration, that’s right .1% so,  5mg per ML is .5% where 50mg per ML is 5%  So if you bought […]
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Virginia jumps ahead with Legal Cannabis CBD oil for any disease, illness or symptom.

In a moment, it all changed. Virginia’s medical Marijuana policy changed almost literally overnight thanks to overwhelming support by legislators and citizens alike. There will be no more confusion as to the legality of CBD products in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Both the Virginia House and Senate, unanimously, (Thats right unanimously in both) passed a […]