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20 years in the making, is finally here. A website, forum and platform dedicated to all things Cannabis and Hemp. Founded by Keith Butler, a lifetime student, entrepreneur and Cannabis expert. Keith’s vision was to offer a safe place where like minded or curios people could learn the experiences of others and form their own educated opinion and understanding of Cannabis. This vision is now a reality with the introduction of HempFull, our topics, forums and information portal.

The free Cannabis portal with access to experts and honest forums.

Once upon a time it would be considered suicide to post or discuss ones personal relationship with the Cannabis plant. For some of you those days still exist and we understand why. In order to assure safety, honesty and transparency we offer anonymous registration to HempFull, we understand. For those of you who are “out of the closet” with Cannabis feel free to use your real name, pick an avatar and tell the world what you think about Cannabis and Hemp, it’s all free for the first 1 million users.

HempFull is the place where all are welcome to teach, learn and help others understand all things Cannabis and Hemp.

  • Ask Experts specific questions
  • Post and Tell Your stories
  • Learn from others and their wisdom
  • Stay up to date with the latest news

Join us and spread the word! Learn, teach and enjoy all things Hemp and Cannabis, let your voice be heard, help others understand the value of the Cannabis plant and why some call it Hemp. Find out about interesting subjects, ask experts, its all here at HempFull, tell your friends!

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