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Cannabinoids are naturally occurring molecules within the Cannabis plant, whether it is called hemp, pot or marijuana be it recreational or medical its all the same, what’s different is the plant. Nature provided us with a wide variety of Cannabis which ranges from virtually no THC (the thing everybody fears or loves) to 30% or more THC by dry weight. That’s 100 times more THC than the legal definition of Hemp which has less than .3% THC. In contrast the cannabinoid molecule known as CBD (Cannabidiol) can have as much as an expression in the opposite. Some plants may have less than .3% CBD or even none just as they could also have 30% CBD (if you know where this plant is please contact me 🙂 there are over 80 identified Cannabinoids within the Cannabis plant and it is estimated there may be as many as 400 different Cannabinoids and/or terpenes which will be later determined. Today we know about CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, CBDA, THCVA, CBGVA, CBCVA, THCA and many many more. There are also things called terpenes, now to be fair the number of 400 may or may not include the terpenes which beyond their control over the flavor and scent of Cannabis we have no idea how they interact with the ECS system (Endocannabinoid system, yet another topic). Someday science will know but it’s a long day off, as I explained before, research and study on Cannabis has almost been nonexistent for the past 70 years with exception of the Israelis who originally discovered THC conducting tests in the sixties and seventies. It’s a shame, as great promise was shown in the fields of epilepsy and Cannabis as early as 1971 yet there was little to no follow up as a result of the plants new schedule 1 status. Sorry, back to the topic. The point of the plant is its expression of the Cannabinoids, how that varied expression interacts with each of us is a personal thing.

The best way to know what Cannabinoids are present in a product is a Cannabinoid lab test.

Reach out for vendors who show you what is in their products and convey that by reports. It’s not hard to weed out (pun intended) the bad and find the good in the myriad of products available in the marketplace today. Profiles, certifications, testing, labs, even chain of custody if you can. We know a few of the good ones like and are always willing to share our knowledge and sources with those who would like to learn or know.

  • Marijuana, Cannabis, Hemp and Pot are all the same thing (kinda)
  • There are many more Cannabinoids than just THC and CBD
  • Hemp is defined as Cannabis containing less than  <.3% THC
  • There may be up to 400 different Cannabinoids and terpenes in Cannabis

Like everything else in nature and commerce there is the good and the bad. It’s easy to weed out (pun intended) the bad ones, generally they don’t work and they can’t tell you what’s in them. Don’t get me wrong, sure, there are many products out there with certificates or cannabinoid tests that should work. But don’t plan to buy most brands as a reliable product to buy again and again hoping for the same effect unless you are buying a CBD isolate product but even they vary tremendously by many factors. It is possible to buy quality Hemp CBD Oil products that have a consistent profile and results which are quantifiable. One particular company is where they have completed not only chain of custody but have achieved stabilized genetics as well, ensuring a consistent profile, plant after plant which would be considered the best one could achieve with todays technology.


Again, we look forward to your comment, commentaries and questions. Everything is on the table here at HempFull, we are all here to learn and grow and through each other we will pass the knowledge of what we have learned to future generations.


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