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Will the Jury Please Disregard

The FDA held their long awaited public hearing on Friday May 31st at their headquarters in White Oak Maryland. The event was sold out with every chair in the room taken and standing room only attendance. Over 100 people spoke their minds on what was billed as a public meeting to determine
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CBDA: Hemp’s other cannabinoid

By Keith Butler, LifePatent Founder & Lead Hemp Researcher Only a handful of Cannabis’ 100+ chemical compounds known as cannabinoids have been isolated, scientifically tested, or tapped for their potential healing properties. CBDA (Cannabidiolic Acid), a less widely known cannabinoid than its more familiar CBD or THC counterparts, is often referred to as another
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The power and potential of CBD Oil

Perhaps not quite yet a household name, but well on its way to becoming an accepted remedy within the health and wellness industry, CBD (technically known as cannabidiol) is a natural chemical compound found in the family of plants known more technically as Cannabaceae, or cannabis. Hemp, that sub-species of cannabis distinct from its more […]
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Hemp Products

Where does one even begin? I’m sure there are millions of you out there who use Hemp products. And there are a large number of different hemp products out there. It’s difficult to know which product to use, because there are different types of products, and different aspects of different products, that make any given […]
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Does THC Make you Paranoid?

As an avid listener of Howard Stern I can recall numerous times when Howard said he doesn’t smoke pot because “it makes him paranoid”. It’s time to delve into this claim to better understand whether it’s the chicken or the egg that makes Howard so Paranoid. Having traveled the world visiting many exotic drug cultures […]
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CBD Oil Concentrations

That’s the number you see when you buy cannabinoids, it’s called milligrams or MG. It’s really simple, divide the MG by the volume of liquid and you have the concentration. 1mg per ml is .1% concentration, that’s right .1% so,  5mg per ML is .5% where 50mg per ML is 5%  So if you bought […]
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What is Hemp?

For some of us that’s a trick question, if it’s not you may have already been tricked. Hemp, Cannabis and Marijuana are all the same plant, known as the plant genus, Cannabis. Hemp is a recognized concentration within Cannabis which has been defined by international law as Cannabis containing less than .3% THC by dry […]