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Will the Jury Please Disregard

The FDA held their long awaited public hearing on Friday May 31st at their headquarters in White Oak Maryland. The event was sold out with every chair in the room taken and standing room only attendance. Over 100 people spoke their minds on what was billed as a public meeting to determine
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Amount of What?

Cannabinoids are naturally occurring molecules within the Cannabis plant, whether it is called hemp, pot or marijuana be it recreational or medical its all the same, what’s different is the plant. Nature provided us with a wide variety of Cannabis which ranges from virtually no THC (the thing everybody fears or loves) to 30% or […]
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Virginia jumps ahead with Legal Cannabis CBD oil for any disease, illness or symptom.

In a moment, it all changed. Virginia’s medical Marijuana policy changed almost literally overnight thanks to overwhelming support by legislators and citizens alike. There will be no more confusion as to the legality of CBD products in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Both the Virginia House and Senate, unanimously, (Thats right unanimously in both) passed a […]