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Hemp Products

Where does one even begin? I’m sure there are millions of you out there who use Hemp products. And there are a large number of different hemp products out there. It’s difficult to know which product to use, because there are different types of products, and different aspects of different products, that make any given […]
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Does THC Make you Paranoid?

As an avid listener of Howard Stern I can recall numerous times when Howard said he doesn’t smoke pot because “it makes him paranoid”. It’s time to delve into this claim to better understand whether it’s the chicken or the egg that makes Howard so Paranoid. Having traveled the world visiting many exotic drug cultures […]

Amsterdam, always in Cannabis Culture

If you ever have the joy of spending time in Amsterdam you may find yourself in a neighborhood where all the buildings have been Graffitied. Chances are you walked to Tabak Row, a counter culture center where the squatters movement in Amsterdam began. As a frequent visitor to Amsterdam I try to make it a […]
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How to buy CBD

The CBD market has exploded over the last few years. What started as a few companies manufacturing CBD products has turned into hundreds and possibly even thousands of companies. Currently it’s impossible to know how many or anything else for that matter since the industry operates in a legal grey area where very little reporting […]