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CBD Oil Concentrations

That’s the number you see when you buy cannabinoids, it’s called milligrams or MG. It’s really simple, divide the MG by the volume of liquid and you have the concentration. 1mg per ml is .1% concentration, that’s right .1% so,  5mg per ML is .5% where 50mg per ML is 5%  So if you bought 30mg per ml which is 3% that means there should be 900 mg in a 30 ml bottle or 1800 mg in a 60ML bottle, 30 ml is about an ounce for reference if you can find 900mg in a 30ml bottle it is considered a very high Active Ingredient product. On a side note, It is my personal goal to develop cannabinoid profiles which will exceed the 10% threshold while maintaining less than .3% THC, this is very difficult to do and if you see it out there just know it has more than likely been supplemented from fractionated sources ( a whole new topic). With todays genetics I can reach about 8% AI or 80mg per ml (which btw is incredibly expensive) How do I know what works for me or how much AI or what kind do I need? You try it, you start small and work your way up, you watch and listen to your body. This isn’t an overnight fix, it takes time, sometimes weeks or even months, everybody is different. With that being said you may notice results right away, there is no way for anyone to know other that you. The best thing I can say is, just start using it, your body will let you know how much you need.

The best thing I can say is, just start using it, your body will let you know how much you need.

There’s one thing for sure, there is no known incident of overdose from Cannabinoids in the plants 10,000 year relationship with man, so that being said it really comes down to why haven’t you tried this

4 Facts about CBD Oil Concentrations

  • Most products have very little AI (Active Ingredient)
  • Many products contain at little at .1% CBD (AI)
  • Some products use hemp seed oil which contains almost zero AI
  • Some products use fillers in place of AI

Despite how sad the facts truly are about commercially available Hemp derived  Cannabinoids all is not lost. There are many companies out there producing truly fine Hemp and Cannabis based products that have tons of AI in them.

Tell us what you think, what have you experienced buying CBD and Cannabinoids?

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