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Virginia jumps ahead with Legal Cannabis CBD oil for any disease, illness or symptom.

In a moment, it all changed. Virginia’s medical Marijuana policy changed almost literally overnight thanks to overwhelming support by legislators and citizens alike. There will be no more confusion as to the legality of CBD products in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Both the Virginia House and Senate, unanimously, (Thats right unanimously in both) passed a new medical Marijuana bill which now authorizes any Virginia physician to tender a “written certification” (Form) for the use of THC A oil and CBD oil with up to 5% THC.

All of this will be real when the new Governor Ralph Northam signs the bills into law which he has pledged to do. Which Governor Ralph Northam did, true to his word on Friday March 9th 2018.

The truly amazing part here and what makes Virginia first is the politicians actually got it right. They realized and acted upon a simple fact, medical uses of Cannabis are not their business to legislate, the use of medicines is the physicians responsibility and Virginia now allows the use of Cannabis CBD oil for any disease, illness or symptom, just ask your doctor to sign this (form) and you are legally protected from prosecution if anyone ever attempts to prosecute you for your use of CBD Oil, this document (once signed) is a state guaranteed case dismissed legal instrument. Imagine that, Virginia leads the way in Medical Cannabis.

Postscript: March 21st, I know, I said that Virginia got it right and they did when it comes to letting doctors decide. However PLEASE!!

Why don’t they ever consult with people who can help? Virginia’s new law calls for CBD products that are “The oil must contain at least 15% CBD or at least 15% THCA-A and may contain no more than 5% THC.” All this sounds great but does anyone other than me or a few manufacturers and formulators know what this means. If you were to fill a 30ml bottle of oil (1oz) with 15% CBD how many milligrams would be in that bottle? 15% = 150mg per ml or 30 * 150 = 4500mg in a 1oz bottle. Virginia is saying that any 1 oz bottle over 4500mg’s is protected under this new legislation by affirmative defense. Did you know that the average snake oil cbd is 100 mg per oz and the best stuff out there or at least the perceived best is Charlotte’s Web with their 8 Times Potency Advanced Plus is only 2500mg or 8.33% So in essence Virginia says you are safe with your product that is twice as strong as the the strongest product on the market available in oils. Where do you buy this magical product? Sure I can make it, but do you know how much a 1oz bottle of this 4500mg+ strength would cost? I do. At current average market rates which is .10 per mg it would be $450 for 1 ounce of the CBD oil that Virginia just agreed to allow. Sure, the price per mg usually drops under .10 for formulations over 1000mg but rarely do you see it under about .07 and even at that price you are looking at $315 an ounce, but the product doesn’t even exist. What manufacture is going to make an elixir that expensive? again I could and I may, for that matter contact me if you actually want this as I will make it. One things for sure, that product would really work! I would use it myself so sure, contact me if you are interested also. But, back to the story, So what do we do now? I’m not sure, I would certainly get a signature from a doctor anyway just in case and I wouldn’t worry about it anyway. There are some great companies out there making CBD for that matter we have links on our site to the real deal products offering medical grade CBD and Certified Industrial hemp CBD’s so now that it is “legal” in Virginia check out our sponsors and get some of the best CBD products (in my opinion) on the market and help thy own body heal.


As always, please comment, question or help, everybody’s opinion matters, hope to hear from you here at HempFull where we all have a voice that will one day be heard. ¬†Thank you..




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