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CBD Oil Concentrations

That’s the number you see when you buy cannabinoids, it’s called milligrams or MG. It’s really simple, divide the MG by the volume of liquid and you have the concentration. 1mg per ml is .1% concentration, that’s right .1% so,  5mg per ML is .5% where 50mg per ML is 5%  So if you bought […]

What can Hemp do?

Without sounding cliche, it seems to me the question is more what can’t Hemp do? Let’s start with a list of basic products that can be created from Hemp plant. Also remember, Hemp is Cannabis, here we go.. Food & Nutrition – Hemp seeds and Hemp oil are very nutritious and to some people delicious, […]

Amsterdam, always in Cannabis Culture

If you ever have the joy of spending time in Amsterdam you may find yourself in a neighborhood where all the buildings have been Graffitied. Chances are you walked to Tabak Row, a counter culture center where the squatters movement in Amsterdam began. As a frequent visitor to Amsterdam I try to make it a […]

What’s Happening out there?

it’s the Wild West out there for Cannabinoid products until the governments of the world free the plant and the people to learn and understand the many different ways the Cannabis plant interacts with the species of this planet (including us) and why scientific evidence suggests the Cannabis plant was most likely the actual first […]


At the onset of this I should point out that Virginia is legalizing the use of CBD and THCA for the treatment or symptoms, of any disease, or illness. With that being said Virginia is the 1st State to get it right. Well, not totally but they are certainly on the right track. What Virginia […]