At the onset of this I should point out that Virginia is legalizing the use of CBD and THCA for the treatment or symptoms, of any disease, or illness. With that being said Virginia is the 1st State to get it right. Well, not totally but they are certainly on the right track. What Virginia legislators realized and acted upon was a simple fact, medical uses of Cannabis are not their business to legislate, the use of medicine is the physicians and patients responsibility and Virginia now allows and recognizes the use of Cannabis CBD oil or THCA oil as a legitimate medicine for any disease, illness or symptom.

In a nutshell for this discussion that sums it up, way to go Virginia, especially big thumbs up to Governor Ralph Northam, Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel and citizens like Lisa and Haley Smith for a great start to helping the people and physicians of Virginia feel safe in using a new and old medicine in Cannabis oil. I for one say thank you and job well done.

Continuing the conversation, THC and CBD work well together, science shows us that now, it is called the entourage effect. The world still has a fear of the big bad THC but that is going away thanks to science and millions of people using Cannabis products. Speaking of products, there are so many, its hard to say what is real and what is not. The best consumer is the educated consumer and understanding what it is you are buying is key to a good purchase. Many vendors sell CBD products which tout THC free as a reason you can buy it. the truth is the law allows up to .3% THC in Hemp products which can be shipped across all 50 states. Most of these THC free products are made from isolate CBD which may or may not be real CBD, tainted or from heavy metal laden Chinese soil unless the vendor provides a certificate of origin, report for pesticides and heavy metals, etc, etc you have no idea where that CBD came from. On the other hand Cannabis oil is very quantifiable and most truly reputable manufacturers of CBD oil with THC report their numbers and analysis to their customers. The truly top end companies can track their products from seed to sale. There is even one brand, LifePatent (that we know of) that has legal Cannabis Hemp Oil which is certified chain of custody from the genetics to the bottle. The point is you are more than likely to do better with a product that is made from a Cannabis or Hemp oil with THC and CBD vs a CBD isolate.


All real Cannabis Hemp oil has THC in it, so why would you avoid it?

Science says THC works with CBD and CBD works with THC, they come together in the plant and now in at least 30 states you can have some form or another of both combined and in all 50 states an educated consumer could seek out a less than .3% THC CBD product and purchase that legally. Whatever way you slice it this writer and researcher believes the two go together and except in instances where you absolutely cannot have any THC, CBD alone is better than nothing. In all other circumstances it seems the wise bet would be to let nature do it’s magic in the way the cultivar (strain) expresses itself and except THC as a friend to your CBD use.

What did I say about THC and CBD?

  • They belong together and should be taken together if possible
  • Real CBD products exist with THC that are legal under federal law
  • Become an educated consumer, learn about Cannabis in all it’s forms

America and the worlds relationship with the Cannabis Hemp plant is changing rapidly as new forms of medicines and treatment options become available and known using Cannabis. The Benefits of Cannabis and Hemp plants which are now being re-legalized for the peoples use will become much more mainstream as time goes on. In a world maybe only 5 years out now I see all forms of Cannabis products available in all channels of commerce. whether you like it, agree, or not, it doesn’t matter, the Cannabis train is coming to a town near you if it isn’t already there yet ­čÖé

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