What’s Happening out there?

it’s the Wild West out there for Cannabinoid products until the governments of the world free the plant and the people to learn and understand the many different ways the Cannabis plant interacts with the species of this planet (including us) and why scientific evidence suggests the Cannabis plant was most likely the actual first plant planted by humankind which was moved from one location to another, the beginning of human agriculture on earth is believed to have started with the Cannabis plant. Whether that is true or not we will probably never know but we have found Cannabis dating back as far as 8000 years with mankind’s use, so it is likely given it’s properties and uses.

As for buying Cannabinoids I would require a Cannabinoid profile be provided or available for any and/or every Cannabinoid product I purchased whether it be CBD or THC as I said it’s all the same, they come from the same plant, they are different molecules and science shows they work together so use a full spectrum product if you can, in which case the profile should show more than just CBD in your oil.

What HempFull thinks is happening out there:

  • It’s the wild west for unregulated products
  • Hemp / Cannabis could be the worlds oldest agricultural product.
  • Freedom for the Cannabis plant and it’s users is underway.
  • Hemp / Cannabis may be the worlds greatest resource.

We have a long way to go until freedom is realized again for Cannabis. From the beginning of time (potentially) to it’s prohibition of the last 100 years Cannabis has a long history with man and the earth, in all likelihood it will again flourish around the world.


Tell us your thoughts, what do you think? We want to know, others want to know what you think and what you know, about Cannabis and Hemp.

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