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What is Hemp?

For some of us that’s a trick question, if it’s not you may have already been tricked. Hemp, Cannabis and Marijuana are all the same plant, known as the plant genus, Cannabis. Hemp is a recognized concentration within Cannabis which has been defined by international law as Cannabis
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How to buy CBD

The CBD market has exploded over the last few years. What started as a few companies manufacturing CBD products has turned into hundreds and possibly even thousands of companies. Currently it’s impossible to know how many or anything else for that matter since the industry operates in a legal grey area where very little reporting […]

Was Cannabis oil used for anointing?

A debate that will go on till the end of time between the believers and non believers of Cannabis, not Christianity. For this debate truly seems to be one of what you believe about Cannabis, not what you believe about religion. As for any good journalist the facts are what matters, unfortunately there seems to […]

What’s Happening out there?

it’s the Wild West out there for Cannabinoid products until the governments of the world free the plant and the people to learn and understand the many different ways the Cannabis plant interacts with the species of this planet (including us) and why scientific evidence suggests the Cannabis plant was most likely the actual first […]

Hemp comes to the New World!

Go back just a little over 400 years ago and you have the Jamestown settlement of 1607. For those of you who need a brush up on history, Jamestown is in Virginia and it was the original recorded settlement of America by King James and the Virginia company. When King James I stepped up his […]