Was Cannabis oil used for anointing?

A debate that will go on till the end of time between the believers and non believers of Cannabis, not Christianity. For this debate truly seems to be one of what you believe about Cannabis, not what you believe about religion. As for any good journalist the facts are what matters, unfortunately there seems to be only anecdotal and a little historical reference to point to this claim. This is the information we are aware of.  Exodus 30:23-25 references the recipe for anointing oil which includes calamus and here is the catch. Scholars Sula Benet and later Chris Bennett claim that calamus is a mistranslated word for the Aramaic word kaneh bosm also written in traditional Hebrew as kaneh or kannabus, see the resemblance? And herein lies the issue as according to language scholars the the scribes got it wrong in the translation. There are however those who believe it was no mistake and the word for calamus was intentionally used to keep the secrets of the anointing oils from the masses.

I didn’t finish the story, yet I published it..

So enjoy this image of the baptism site of Jesus @ the river Jordan

You know, this site is populated with KB Images 🙂

So we don’t know 4 things yet:

  • I would like to know
  • What happened to the oil
  • Is it true or not will we ever know
  • As soon as I finish we will

Here’s a great place to comment, tell me to get back to work and finish the story 🙂

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