Hemp comes to the New World!

Go back just a little over 400 years ago and you have the Jamestown settlement of 1607. For those of you who need a brush up on history, Jamestown is in Virginia and it was the original recorded settlement of America by King James and the Virginia company. When King James I stepped up his efforts in Jamestown, the Virginia Colony responded by asking landowners to grow and export Hemp. Hemp became such an important crop over time that within 150 years it had actually become in some parts of Virginia a crime NOT to grow Hemp. Of course that all changed in 1776 but Hemp and it’s use continued and flourished in the New World until the 20th century. The uses of Hemp skyrocketed over time and by the mid 1800’s ¬†America had figured out medicinal uses for Cannabis and Hemp (as most ancient cultures did). Unfortunately by 1910 Cannabis was classified in most of America as a poison. It wouldn’t be until the second world war till we would see Hemp again, who would have guessed it would again be made a crime NOT to grow it. Ahh,, but that was short lived as the war effort drew to a close. From that point forward we can thank some very brave individuals who nourished and protected the plant from eradication as the governments of the world bailed on one of the worlds most valuable resources by outlawing it in favor of?

Well, the tale becomes conspiracy theory from that point forward but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that hemp and Cannabis compete with really large sectors of todays economy in medicine, food , paper, oils and fuels. With all the facts on the table it becomes easy to see a picture where Hemp and Cannabis had no chance of survival in the pre-internet world if it wasn’t for the brave few who risked their lives and freedom underground and hidden from view. Now it’s our turn, a new post-internet generation who formulate opinions on facts and information instead of propaganda and lies told by those in power who wish to influence the world to suit their needs.

This writer for one is done with that and I welcome an open and honest discussion about the present and Future of Hemp and Cannabis so the New World may have the free plant once again. We welcome your thoughts and comments, please tell us what you think and what you know..

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